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Team PerformanceThe world of selling has changed dramatically in the last few years. The best organizations have responded to this by helping their salespeople develop skills that position them for success in our competitive and commoditized world. The top sales performers in most organizations are usually responsible for most of the sales results. Organizations need to develop these top performers and help their other people to become top performers.

First Level

  • Your Unique Selling Style
You will receive your Dynamix® Sales Profile outlining your selling strengths and areas to improve.
  • Adapting To Your Client’s Style
Learn how to identify your client’s unique buying style and how to adjust your sales approach to meet their needs.
  • Understanding How Your Clients Make Buying Decisions
We link our 5-Step Sales Model to your client’s buying model in order to close more sales.
  • The Winning Edge Principle
The difference between winning a sale and losing it is small. Confidence, optimism and a take-charge attitude, along with other positive thinking strategies, are used to give you that winning edge.
  • Your Personal Brand
People buy you first. Your personal brand and how you represent yourself distinguish you from others. First impressions make a difference and what clients remember after you leave matters.
  • Working S.M.A.R.T.
Clear sales goals, call objectives and call advance strategies are necessary to maximize your sales performance.
  • Organizing Your Time And Territory
Get more done in less time and spend more quality time with better customers.
  • The Ideal Sales Call
Plan your call, implement your plan and debrief each call to advance to the next step and close more sales faster.
  • Winning Against The Competition
Identify your unique selling proposition and leverage your strengths while overcoming competitive tactics.
  • Filling Your Sales Funnel With Prospects
Systematically identify your ideal prospects and clients and get more appointments using a variety of methods.
  • Listening Between The Lines
Uncover your client’s real needs and concerns by improving your empathic listening skills. This builds trust and confirms that you really understand your client’s situation.
  • Consultative Questioning Skills
Well-crafted consultative questions position you as a problem solver. They add value to each sales call and move you closer to finding a solution that will help your client.
  • Strategic Account Management
You need to get to know your key accounts really well in order to differentiate your solution and offer extraordinary service. Here, we cover strategies to manage and retain accounts that are critical to your business.
  • Selling and Presenting To Different Types Of Buyers
Different types of buyers have unique needs and interests. You need to know how to communicate your value proposition at different levels in your client’s organization.
  • Influencing Without Manipulating
Positive influencing helps clients to achieve their goals, while manipulating erodes trust. There are powerful ways to influence and help your clients to make good decisions.
  • Powerful Proposals and Presentations
The way that you make your proposals and how you present your solutions will determine if and how quickly you move on to the next step.
  • Negotiating Win/Win Deals
The ability to negotiate win/win deals with clients is an important skill. We teach you practical ways to overcome resistance and negotiate successful agreements.
  • Uncovering And Overcoming Objections
Your ability to uncover and overcome objections will determine how many sales you will make and how fast you will make them. We will teach you how to identify and overcome even the most difficult objections.
  • Closing More Sales Faster
Moving the sales process along at the right speed, and gaining increased levels of commitment on each sales call is a critical success factor. Ultimately, this will enable you to close more sales.
  • Extraordinary Follow-Up and Service
Getting a sale is one thing, getting the second sale and keeping your customers is another. Here we will give you techniques to ensure that you give your clients more than expected.

Second Level



Sales Effectiveness Consulting 

A collaborative process to assess your sales organization and create a sales effectiveness action plan.



Sales Performance Profile

Our Sales Performance assessment measures your sales organization using
criteria derived from the characteristics of high performing sales teams.

Build a World-Class Sales Organization

  • Recruit, train, coach and retain top sales professionals.
  • Spend more time with better customers.
  • Add more value to each sales call.
  • Update your strategic sales plan to maximize your sales effectiveness in today’s competitive and changing market.
“Sell more with less resources to 
clients that want more value”

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Exciting News

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