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What are the factors that drive superior individual performance?

DYNAMIX® is a unique tool because it helps you evaluate this question. Most people want to elevate their level of self-awareness. Applied self-awareness can lead to greater knowledge about the world around you. This knowledge can guide you in developing a greater understanding of your personal preferences and behaviors. The projection of your preferences is a major factor in determining the quality of the results you are able to achieve when you interact with other people.

Groundbreaking research by Carl G. Jung in the 20th century provided a psychological construct that forms the basis of our understanding related to psychological types. This understanding allows us to categorize certain observable behaviors.  As a result, it is possible to explain behavior and the impact of behavior even if it is not always possible to understand all aspects of it. The science of human behavior is inexact and ever changing. DYNAMIX® is founded upon our 21st century understanding of the principles articulated by Dr. Jung.

Awareness of communication styles or psychological preferences alone will not drive superior performance. Consequently, DYNAMIX® is a starting point on a journey of ongoing personal development. There are a number of factors that contribute to superior individual performance. These factors are independent of behavioral preferences and are not limited to specific psychological types. 

Our objective in providing you with DYNAMIX® is to help you identify and understand certain preferences and behaviors. This will allow you to make subtle adjustments to what you say and do. This allows you to make very deliberate changes in how you respond to changes in your environment or the people in your environment. The ability to adjust one’s actions and reactions in an authentic and effective manner is a key to superior individual performance.


Effective communication leads to improved relationship, higher levels of trust, morale and productivity.

Discover your unique communication style using our DYNAMIX® profile. RedYellow, Green and Blue communication preferences are measured using our easy-to-use DYNAMIX® model.

Learn to identify others' communication styles in order to better adapt and communicate with even the most difficult people.

The first section of DYNAMIX® measures behavioral preferences based on your responses to a series of 3 different types of statements.

  1. Statements identifying degrees of preference for how you project into extraversion and introversion.

  2. Statements identifying degrees of preference for how you make decisions based upon your focus on tasks or relationships.

  3. Statements identifying the methodology that you use to process information based upon having a vision for what things can become versus the measurement of how things currently are.


The second section of DYNAMIX® examines key indicators of success based upon four dimensions of performance criteria.  We have observed that a delicate mixture of Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline drives superior individual performance.  An imbalance in any of these four key indicators of success can create challenges and may require adjustments.

Team Performance Level 1



Since virtually any success in an organization comes from the effectiveness of teams, we measure 4 KEY INDICATORS OF TEAM SUCCESS. Each member of the team provides their input on the effectiveness of their team. We use this team profile to identify team strengths and areas to improve.

This profile provides a foundation for understanding how a team uses COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT and GROWTH in their day-to-day activities. The Team Performance profile is used as the foundation for building an action plan that will provide a road map for increased effectiveness.


Courage – Teams that are characterized by Courage are quick to identify goals and take action.   Focused on results, the team will exhibit resilience in the face of challenges and will resist settling for less than what they intended to achieve.




Growth – Teams that are characterized by Growth will identify new opportunities and boldly envision successful outcomes.  Focused on innovation, the team will seek out fresh ideas and revolutionary approaches. 




Commitment – Teams that are characterized by Commitment will ensure that there is collective buy-in providing the right environment for success.   Focused on consistency, the team will strive for harmony in pursuit of goals that are in accordance with team values and principles.




Discipline – Teams that are characterized by Discipline are systematic and rigorous in their activities.  Focused on diligence and consistency of process, the team will drive relentlessly for accuracy and quality.

Team Performance Level 2



Improved performance in a team begins with identifying critical team strengths and targeting areas to improve to build upon these strengths. In this profile we measure a team’s perspective on their relative strengths and weaknesses in 8 critical areas. Each member of the team provides their input and the results are generated without revealing any specific responses.

This profile provides the team feedback on a variety of practical elements of team performance.


These include:

  • Results Centered
  • Common Objectives
  • Effective Communication
  • Feedback and Guidance
  • Atmosphere of Trust
  • Client Focus
  • Productive Meetings
  • Resolution of Challenges
Results Centered

Results Centered – Are your team members measured according to the outcomes they produce?



Common Objectives

Common Objectives – Are the activities of your team members driven by an understanding of the goals and priorities of the team?



Effective Communication

Effective Communication – Are people communicating effectively within your team and with other teams?



Feedback and Guidance

Feedback & Guidance – Do your team members actively give and seek feedback and input from their colleagues?



Atmosphere of Trust

Atmosphere of Trust – Is there a high level of trust and respect in your team?



Client Focus

Client Focus – How obsessed is your team with delivering excellence to clients?



Productive Meetings

Productive Meetings – Does your team look forward to the meetings that they have and are they productive?



Resolution of Challenges

Resolution of Challenges - Does your team address any internal tensions or external threats quickly and effectively?

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