While we are all at home learning to adapt to this new reality and to the people that we collaborate with virtually – our team wants to help!

We are now offering a virtual course called DYNAMIX® Communication and Team Performance at a distance and we can customize it to meet with your team’s needs. We also offer one-on-one coaching using DYNAMIX® to help individuals to maximize their effectiveness during these difficult times.

Many of our clients are finding it difficult to work from home and our DYNAMIX® Team Performance program can really help them to improve their family and work relationships so they can work more effectively as a remote team. They can have fun with their family and the people that they are at home with using our App. We just launched the new improved version of our DYNAMIX® APP. This will help you to integrate and reinforce what we teach in our programs as well as letting you share your profile and colors with each other. You can use the APP to identify someones top 2 color preferences along with how to better communicate with them.

We can ship each participant their profile, course materials and job aids and then deliver a virtual session for your team. People really need a positive boost these days and we can help. The main goal will be to improve communication and teamwork. Participants will get to know themselves and each other better and they will identify ways to leverage each other’s strengths. This program will help your team to work more effectively together in order to improve efficiency and performance. It will also bring your team closer together and help motivate everyone for the upcoming challenging year.

Please give us a call or email us and we can set up a call to see how we can help your team.

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