Build even stronger family relationships

Effective communications lead to improved family relationships, less stress and more fun. Discovver your unique communication style using our DYNAMIX profile. Red, yellow, green and blue communication preferences are measured using our easy-to-use DYNAMIX model. Learn to identify others’ communication styles in order to better adapt and communicate with even the most difficult people.

Effective Feedback Model

Learn how to give and receive more effective, positive and constructive feedback in order to continually improve your family relationships.

Build a Family Team Charter including:

• Your Family Mission & Vision

• Your Family Goals

• Your Family Values & Ideal Behaviors

“Effective communication is the foundation of every successful relationship”

The Challenge

Despite the fact that we have more communication tools at our disposal, communication challenges are on the rise. Poor Communication leads to misunderstandings and can have a negative impact on your family relationships. When people become too busy to communicate effectively, misunderstandings and conflict increase.

The Benefits

• Learn more about different communication styles and how to better adapt to your family members

• The DYNAMIX profile can be used as a coaching tool and as part of a personal development plan to improve family relationships

• Discover how to give and receive more effective feedback to improve your relationships

• You will receive 2 family team color grids which will help you to improve your communications


Give your students the gift of DYNAMIX®

DYNAMIX® is a 31 page psychometric profile witch will identify their unique communication preferences and 4 key indicators of success. DYNAMIX® is the starting point on a journey of ongoing personal development. Students will discover their unique communication style using our profile. Red,Yellow, Green and Blue communication preferences are measured using our easy-to-use


Replace a book with DYNAMIX®

Students purchase and complete their DYNAMIX® questionnaire in 15-20 minutes on-line.

The DYNAMIX® workshop is engaging, inspiring and practical

You or our consultant will introduce DYNAMIX® in class with a highly interactive workshop designed to help students interpret their DYNAMIX® profile along with tips on how to communicate more effectively with others.

Your DYNAMIX® Class Project

You can include DYNAMIX® within your existing curriculum with one of our projects:

• Self-awareness; Identify your strengths and areas to improve

• How to influence others in a positive way with our 5 step influencing model

• Balanced communication and presenting effectively to all 4 color styles

• How to adapt, connect and communicate more effectively with 4 different color styles

• How to work effectively in teams

• How to give and receive effective feedback


Your students will receive our DYNAMIX® App which they can use to:

• Set development goals

• Share their profile with others

• Identify other’s color styles

• Learn how to adapt and communicate more effectively with others

• Improve how they communicate and work with their class teams

Other student benefits include:

• Using their DYNAMIX® profile in job interviews

• Improved relationships at home, school and work

• Identify the studies and careers that will be best aligned with their strengths

• Improved self-awareness and practical ideas to leverage their strengths