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Team PerformanceHigh performing teams can be identified in a variety of ways.  We’ve identified Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline – 4 Key Indicators of Success.  There are also 8 competency-based dimensions of team performance that we have observed.  They are common factors in elevating performance of almost any team.

First Level


All teams are characterized by one or more of the following Key Indicators of Success.  These elements are present in the DNA of most teams and will often be evident even when major changes occur or the composition of a team changes.



Courage – Teams that are characterized by Courage are quick to identify goals and take action.   Focused on results, the team will exhibit resilience in the face of challenges and will resist settling for less than what they intended to achieve.




Growth – Teams that are characterized by Growth will identify new opportunities and boldly envision successful outcomes.  Focused on innovation, the team will seek out fresh ideas and revolutionary approaches. 




Commitment – Teams that are characterized by Commitment will ensure that there is collective buy-in providing the right environment for success.   Focused on consistency, the team will strive for harmony in pursuit of goals that are in accordance with team values and principles.




Discipline – Teams that are characterized by Discipline are systematic and rigorous in their activities.  Focused on diligence and consistency of process, the team will drive relentlessly for accuracy and quality.



Second Level



Important Questions for Your Team


Results Centered

Results Centered – Are your team members measured according to the outcomes they produce?



Common Objectives

Common Objectives – Are the activities of your team members driven by an understanding of the goals and priorities of the team?



Effective Communication

Effective Communication – Are people communicating effectively within your team and with other teams?



Feedback and Guidance

Feedback & Guidance – Do your team members actively give and seek feedback and input from their colleagues?



Atmosphere of Trust

Atmosphere of Trust – Is there a high level of trust and respect in your team?



Client Focus

Client Focus – How obsessed is your team with delivering excellence to clients?



Productive Meetings

Productive Meetings – Does your team look forward to the meetings that they have and are they productive?



Resolution of Challenges

Resolution of Challenges - Does your team address any internal tensions or external threats quickly and effectively?




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