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We help our client partners improve their overall professional effectiveness so that their organization and teams can achieve results that surpass their expectations.


  1. Respect the Client

  2. Walk the Talk

  3. Be the Best

  4. Value Relationships



We provide tools, training and professional expertise to our client partners to help them assess the present state of their effectiveness and we design and deliver custom solutions that help people and teams improve their performance.







  • Paul Fergus

    Paul Fergus is the President of Peak Performance2 and has over twenty years of sales and management experience.  Prior to Peak Performance2, Paul held management positions at several successful computer and consulting organizations and has a BA.Sc.  Honors’ Degree in Consumer Behavior, with a minor in business administration.

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  • Michel Zarbatany-Hamel

    Following business administration studies at Concordia University, Michel Zarbatany-Hamel was responsible for establishing ICI Pharmaceuticals (Astra-Zeneca Pharma) in the province of Quebec. As General Manager, he was responsible for the development of overall business strategies including the implementation of a customized training program.

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  • Julien Fergus

    Julien was a competitive alpine skier and then he coached ski racing and during this time he discovered a passion for human development and performance. He also worked as the director of Camp Awakening, a non-for-profit camp for underprivileged kids with physical disabilities, which gave him a new take on perseverance and determination.

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  • Marc de Bellefeuille

    Marc had a successful career in Automotive Financing with GMAC/Ally that spanned 4 decades and took him throughout Canada, the US and Europe, where he held senior management positions, notably a four-year term as President and CEO of the Banque de crédit General Motors (now Opel Bank). Marc has significant experience working with teams to help them focus on common and shared objectives.

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  • Tarina Wagschal

    Tarina is our Director of Talent Management, specializing in helping organizations to lower their turnover while increasing employee motivation, teamwork and engagement. She will help you to select the right people, train them, coach them and ensure that they are continuously learning and developing their talent.

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  • Samantha Harvey

    Samantha believes that learning and self development are a way of life and is passionately dedicated to supporting others that embrace this philosophy. With a focus on team effectiveness, communications, and motivation she will help your team members maximize their potential and thrive not only in the work place but in their everyday lives.

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  • David Spinner

    David Spinner comes to Peak Performance 2 with an extensive multi-disciplinary background well-suited to coaching and supporting team development.

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  • Anne McNamara

    Anne McNamara is a senior, bilingual HR executive with over 25 years of experience, most recently as VP, Human Resources with Bell Media. Her responsibilities covered all aspects of HR, including leadership and talent development, change and performance management. Her vast experience extends in corporate and operational environments. She has spent 18 years in the media industry, 15 of those for Astral Media.

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  • Laurent Duchastel

    Laurent Duchastel has worked with many successful organizations to help them to improve their performance over the last 25 years. He is an experienced consultant, facilitator, professional coach and university teacher. His sessions are motivating, practical, and tailored to his clients' needs.

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  • Stéphane Gervais

    Stéphane is a business manager with many years of experience in the field of consulting and corporate training as well as the management of private companies. Accustomed to action in the business trenches in the roles of EVP or GM, he develops as well as executes growth and profitability solutions and he has established himself as a catalyst for performance.

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  • Adeline Chapron

    Adeline, originally from France, is an entrepreneur with a strong international background. After living and working in Brazil, Portugal, Japan and Chile, in multiple industries, she joins Global’Ease to help global organizations and their teams develop their levels of performance internationally.

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Exciting News

Peak Performance2 continues to grow. Our programs, solutions and assessments are now being used all around the world.  If you would like to learn more about distribution opportunities please click on the link below. We work closely with a number of organizations who share our values and approach. Alternatively, you can join our growing team by becoming certified to facilitate our programs in your organization. Simply click on the link Contact Us.