Joanne Baskin

Joanne has extensive education and experience in human services, having worked in non-profit and government agencies for over 30 years as a social worker, program director, facilitator, consultant and HR advisor. Holding a Bachelor’s of Social Work from McGill University, Joanne has worked with clients and communities of diverse backgrounds and challenges in the areas of personal and family dynamics, crisis management as well as mental wellness in the workplace. She is recognized for her strong assessment skills and knowing how to leverage personal strengths for self-directed learning and growth.

Joanne has developed and managed several organizational initiatives to improve efficiencies and productivity, serving her well over the years as a consultant in areas of professional performance, leadership, program and organizational design. Holding certifications in Coaching, Non-Profit Management and Organizational Design for Competitive Advantage, Joanne has rounded off her human services background with skills to help organizations maximize the potential of their human talent, their leadership as well as their team performance.

Comfortable and experienced in both one-on-one coaching as well as group facilitation, Joanne adapts easily to customers requiring one or both modalities. She uses a whole systems approach in identifying client needs to understand the motivations, drivers, reinforcers and challenges facing individuals and their teams.

Although recognizing that engaging clients with a clear purpose in mind is key to meeting objectives, Joanne, a natural story-teller, will ensure that those with whom she works can laugh and have fun in the process.

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