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Identify your Communications Style with the DYNAMIX Psychometric Assessment

“It all begins with self awareness” and really knowing who you are. Knowing your Communication Style, what makes you tick and how others perceive you, is the key to self-development and personal excellence. Having a clear idea of your strengths and areas to improve will make you a better leader, team member, employee and person.

Most people do not receive much quality feedback and coaching from their peers, manager, staff or clients. Performance reviews and development plans are either not taken seriously or in many cases not done at all. Getting a really positive performance review when your actual performance may only be average will not help anyone.

When was the last time that you took a close look at your strengths, how you are perceived by others, and the areas that you need to improve? Are there any blind spots or aspects of your communication style that either drive people nuts or that may even be sabotaging your success? The qualities that helped you to be successful may be holding you back from improving. The hard driving sales person that will not take “no” for an answer may not be the most empathetic coach or sales manager. He probably is not even a very good sales person especially with clients that don’t want to be pushed or manipulated into saying “yes”. You may want a new position or a promotion but do you really understand your strengths and what you need to do to be more effective in your current or future position?

The DYNAMIX Psychometric Assessment only takes 15 minutes to complete on-line and you will receive a 30 page document which will clearly outline your communication style, your strengths and areas to improve. You will receive concrete ideas on how to adapt to even the most difficult people and how to work more effectively with your clients and your team members. If you choose to share your profile with your manager or coach they will receive a number of ideas on how to work with your and ensure that you are engaged, motivated and more effective. You can use the ideas from your profile to create a development plan which will help you to reach your full potential. Your colleagues will receive ideas on how to communicate more effectively with you and what not to do. You will also receive several graphs which will identify your communication preferences using the DYNAMIX 4 Color Model.

Identify your Communication Style

Everyone has all 4 color preferences to different degrees and all of the color styles can be used positively or negatively.

  • Your Red Preference: When you use your red preference you get things done, are task focused and direct. You are more assertive, decisive and make decisions quickly. You tell people what you think and expect others to do the same. You know what you want, and you go for it. You are goal focused and will not give up easily.
  • Your Green Preference: When you access your green preference you are more consultative and relaxed. You listen first and speak later. You take the time to create consensus with others prior to making a final decision. You express warmth, understanding and empathy for others needs. You are loyal, reliable and focused on values and doing what is right for you and your team.
  • Your Yellow Preference: When you use your yellow preference you energize and motivate your team. You look at the glass as being “half full” and always have something positive to say. You see all of the possibilities as to why things can work rather than the obstacles in the way. You are spontaneous, innovative and passionate about what you do and your ideas. Optimism is your strength and your enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Your Blue Preference: When you access your blue preference you are more strategic and organized. You think deeply about problems and challenges before you make your decision or comment. You like to be prepared and to plan in advance. You are structured, analytical and precise. Doing it right the first time is what drives you towards a need to analyze things carefully before acting. You don’t always speak up in a meeting but when you do people listen as your thorough approach breeds credibility.

Your DYNAMIX profile will identify your percentage of each of the 4 color styles along with your order of preferences from the most dominant to the least dominant. This is not being done to label you or put you into a box. The 4 color model is used so that you will easily remember your unique style and the styles of your team members and to give you a common language to work more effectively together.

Knowing yourself better along with how you are perceived by others is only the beginning of your self-development Journey. Our team at Peak Performance 2 will help you to reach your career goals by working with you and your team to ensure that you are continually improving.

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