Michel Zarbatany-Hamel

Following business administration studies at Concordia University, Michel Zarbatany-Hamel was responsible for establishing ICI Pharmaceuticals (Astra-Zeneca Pharma) in the province of Quebec. As General Manager, he was responsible for the development of overall business strategies including the implementation of a customized training program. He was also instrumental in the start-up of Nordisk Canada (Connaught Novo Nordisk) in Eastern Canada. During his tenure at Nordisk Canada, his key responsibilities included business development, sales training, building marketing strategies, ensuring superior customer service, and upskilling teams in time management and sales presentations.

He then moved on to market, promote and operate a family-owned international resort and convention center, Estérel Resort, all the while re-engineering staff procedures and promoting performance improvement. He was also the recipient of the *Grand Prix in Tourism* - Category Innovation which led to several television and radio appearances as well as an article in the well-known National Geographic – The Travellers Magazine.

Michel’s key attributes include versatility and innovation. He is able to generate enthusiasm in others, recognize people’s strengths and essential qualities as well as instill a willingness to participate in a group environment.

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